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Commemorating one of the most revered figures of modern history, the Special Edition John F. Kennedy makes symbolic references to the life of J.F. Kennedy in subtle design details. His initials “JFK” are engraved on the platinum-coated clip, and the three platinum-coated cap rings stand for Kennedy’s three brothers. The Special Edition is crowned by the Montblanc emblem in precious resin.


Great Character Homage to John F. Kennedy Special Edition Burgundy


The collection is available as a fountain pen, rollerball pen or ballpoint. The body of the pen is crafted from resin, in a black color designed to recall Kennedy’s Ivy League status as a Harvard alumnus. The fountain pen has a specially engraved nib, and it is available in fine or medium sizes. Each of the pens in the collection is decorated with a black and white resin Montblanc emblem on the crown.


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Montblanc Meisterstuck – the best-known and most famous writing instruments. 


Mont Blanc today is a status symbol; it is a recognizable luxury brand.


No matter what Mont Blanc item you have, it will always be a recognizable status symbol. Also, other Mont Blanc models have come and gone over time, but the one concept that has always been in their lineup is the Meisterstuck.



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“Good design has always been about creating objects that stand the test of time. With a sense of quality and timelessness – values that are synonymous with Montblanc.”
Marc Newson

From the beginning, more than a century ago, the founders of Montblanc placed high value on sophisticated design. Ever since then, stylish yet functional elegance has characterised the exclusive writing instruments of Montblanc. Carried out with immaculate craftsmanship, timelessly striking design gives the perfect functionality of every piece expressive shape. Now, for the first design partnership in its history, Montblanc entrusts its distinctive design language to one of the most influential designers of his generation: Marc Newson.

With Montblanc M, Marc Newson is creating a new writing instrument collection for Montblanc. Reduced to its essentials, the name echoes the purity of the design. As a connecting element, the letter M stands for Newson’s first name as well as for Montblanc.


The Montblanc M is made of Montblanc’s iconic black resin and features an innovative magnetic cap-closing mechanism automatically aligning the cap with the Montblanc emblem embedded in the “plateau” of the writing instrument.


Enriching the design language of Montblanc with his unmistakable and innovative style, Marc Newson perfectly balances form and function in the new Montblanc M collection. When his trademark biomorphic style meets the iconic design cues of Montblanc, the result is both unique and timeless. Made of black precious resin, the writing instruments’ fluid lines flow gently into one another. Moving from the Montblanc emblem on the cap, along the platinum-plated clip, which magnetically aligns with a white precious resin Montblanc emblem on the perfectly flat “plateau” of the barrel, consummate forms express visionary design. Comprising a Fountain Pen, a Rollerball, a Ballpoint Pen, a ScreenWriter and the new Artfineliner, Montblanc M represents a new generation of writing instruments.


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